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The Dairy Recognition and Education Foundation (DREF) was founded as a 501(c)3 to recognize outstanding students studying food and dairy science curricula. Since 1953, DREF has provided scholarship assistance to more than 2,000 students at colleges and universities throughout the United States. In the three year period ended in February 2013, scholarships totaling approximately $145,000 were awarded to students at universities including Cornell, South Dakota State, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Utah State, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin.

The Dairy Recognition and Education Foundation is now accepting donations in honor of E. Linwood "Tip" Tipton. One of the purposes of the foundation, managed by IDFA, is to memorialize industry leaders by providing financial assistance for graduate students in dairy science or a related field.

In addition to scholarships, awards are presented annually to the student participants who finish first, second and third in the All Products and the individual product competitions of the Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest, and to the coach of the winning All Products team.

In order to continue to support these deserving students and to expand the number of individuals able to obtain advanced education in food and dairy sciences, the Foundation needs your assistance. In an effort to ensure that scholarship funds continue to be available, we would appreciate if you would consider making a tax deductible contribution to DREF. We encourage you to support the education of students who will participate in the research and in the development of the technology that may well impact many of the processes used in our industry in future years.

Thank you.

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